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Thanks to its picturesque vineyards, wineries with stunning architecture, 和 critically-著名的葡萄酒,这并不奇怪,大多数访问 ag体育正规 都以品酒为中心吗. 然而,, 有这么多高质量的选择, deciding where to taste is no easy feat; not only that, but being the designated driver is a good way to end up with a serious case of FOMO. That’s why wine tours are a great option for tasting your way through ag体育正规. Whether you take a traditional tour or opt for a more unique experience, these ag体育正规 wine tours make it easy to take advantage of this world-renowned wine region.

新来纳帕的人: 博酒之旅 & 豪华轿车

如果你从未在ag体育正规品酒, 博酒之旅 & 豪华轿车 提供介绍旅游完美的 ag体育正规的新手. Venture along Hwy 121 or the Silverado Trail as you explore some of the iconic wineries that have helped make ag体育正规 famous, 就像 贝灵哲酒庄房地产查尔斯·克鲁格. The experience can be customized to your tastes 和 knowledge level, 与亲密的, boutique wineries to round out your tour as well as insights into 纳帕的葡萄品种 和 terroir to help you gain a better underst和ing of this beloved wine region.

1754 Second Street, Suite B, 纳帕, CA 94559, (707) 257-0887

成立于1978年,家族企业 ag体育正规高空 是纳帕最早的热气球公司之一吗. 同时他们提供清晨的小团体航班, 如果你真的想给你的另一半留下深刻印象, 春天来参加双人专属热气球之旅. 接下来是可选的香槟早餐, 和 you’re sure to score some brownie points with your date. 不管有没有配对,ag体育正规雅乐轩都是 观赏山谷的难忘方式.

6525 Washington Street, AG体育平台, CA 94599, (707) 944-4400

献给内心年轻的人: ag体育正规葡萄酒手推车


跳上一架露天飞机, h和-built replicas of San Francisco’s famous street cable cars 和 feel 就像 a kid again during this unforgettable tour through 酒 Country. The classic 纳帕 tour stops at three charming wineries 和 includes a family-style lunch, 知识渊博的导游, 和 plenty of opportunities to take in the view along the way. 自 ag体育正规葡萄酒手推车 picks up at the Oxbow Public Market, we’d suggest going early to fuel up on 美味的吃的 在你的电车开走之前.

1754 Second Street, Suite B1, ag体育正规, CA 94559, (707) 252-6100

乘坐豪华轿车游览葡萄酒之乡? 不太寒酸. Exploring ag体育正规 和 its stunning vineyards with the top down 在一次露天旅行中? 现在我们来谈谈. 加州葡萄酒之旅车队可能包括豪华轿车, 方公共汽车, 货车, 和suv——事实上, they own 和 operate the largest 和 most diverse fleet of luxury vehicles in Northern California—but it’s their classic convertibles 和 sprinter van convertibles that will really put you into vacation mode (和 let you bask in that California sun). 加州葡萄酒之旅 specializes in curated wine tours 和 each experience is unique to each group, so whether you’re a large group of wine novices or a smaller group of experienced tasters, 他们知道如何让每一次体验变得特别.


对于葡萄酒爱好者来说: 纯粹的豪华交通

纯粹的奢侈品 offers a variety of ag体育正规 wine tours for all types of wine drinkers, 从新手到爱好者, but curious oenophiles will appreciate the company’s Exclusive Sommelier Tour. Led by a well-respected sommelier 和 completely customizable based on your wine 和 winery preferences, you’ll tour boutique 和 historic wineries specializing in limited release wines as you learn about wine, 葡萄, 以及一位业内人士的酿酒技巧. It’s a great opportunity to consult a professional on all those wine-related questions you’ve been meaning to ask.

4246 Petaluma Boulevard North, Petaluma, CA 94952, (800) 626-5466

户外爱好者: 逃跑的冒险

图片由 逃跑的冒险

对于那些喜欢在观光时保持活力的人来说, 逃跑的冒险’ Sip n’ Cycle is a great option, providing a fun way to discover the area on two wheels. This guided bicycle tour will take you through the scenic back roads of ag体育正规, with stops for wine tastings 和 a picnic lunch along the way. 自从小口之后 & Cycle tour covers roughly 12 miles throughout the day on mostly flat roads, 这是一种比艰苦的骑自行车更悠闲的体验, but nonetheless a great way to visit some of the area’s more off-the-beaten-path wineries.

Meeting location: 1401 N Oak Street, Calistoga, CA 94515, (800) 499-2453

纳帕观光客须知: 北湾葡萄酒之旅

和榜单上的许多旅游公司一样,我们是家族企业 北湾葡萄酒之旅 takes a personalized approach to serving their clientele. 然而,, it’s their commitment to providing a comprehensive 纳帕 experience that makes them a fantastic choice for the traveler seeking an in-depth immersion into 纳帕’s wine culture. 在你参观酒庄的同时, 其中可能包括精品酒庄和大型酒庄, you’ll have the chance to explore local l和marks 和 artisanal 餐馆每一个都讲述了纳帕的独特篇章. Every private tour also includes a few wine tasting staples, 比如零食和水, 再加上一罐MAKER葡萄酒.

图片由 葡萄酒大师之旅 |米奇·Boatman

这个小, family-owned tour service wins fans for its quality service 和 customer satisfaction, providing a personalized tour of ag体育正规 that is completely tailored to each individual group’s tastes 和 preferences. 事实上,在每次旅行之前, 葡萄酒大师之旅 与每位客人一起发掘他们的兴趣, then puts together a tour that’s truly unique to each group. 车辆最多可容纳6 - 12位客人, 葡萄酒大师之旅 is a great option if you’re traveling with a smaller group.


内心深处的探索者: 指定的司机

图片由 指定的司机 |丽莎·戈登

而葡萄酒品尝之旅 指定的司机 真的能成为你想要的样子吗, this tour company knows how to please those looking to go off the beaten path 和 explore some of 纳帕’s hidden gems. 行程可以根据你的具体目标量身定制, whether you’re looking to discover 纳帕’s up 和 coming producers, find the wineries that only offer their wine at the winery, or taste some of the most limited-production wines in the valley.



Whether you’re eager to burn off some indulgences from 酒 Country with a biking excursion or are seeking a luxurious experience through a private, 策划之旅, 纳帕 offers a wine tour adventure for every type of traveler. And, while there are dozens of great tour options out there, you can’t go wrong choosing one (or two!)来一次难忘的纳帕之旅. 干杯!